Thursday, February 26, 2009

football in the rain .

played football in the rain
it was like angin taufan,
we cant see anything in front
but still we play lol
n i know im sick . hahaha
*dad i know ure reading, dun kill me pls =.= *

ahhh today i spent about 300bucks in an hour time
bought 2 pair of shoes.
" the spirit of sport "
Love em .

anyway im going to inti camp 2moro..
dun feel like going one actually
but because of someone
so ended up im going.

going to bed now
miss u all.
especially you.

12.43 am
Friday,february 26,2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

sick T__T

sick already..
so weak ..
but still went to support soeat basketball team 2 =D.
u guys played well !

ah wong

ah peng

yik zaii

whole body pain de.. T_T
better get going now..
bye all .

as u said, its heart that matter..
everytime when i listen to this song,
i think of you ..
your shadows' haunting me .

12.30 am
Tuesday,february 24,2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

twenty minus one .

hello all !
i finished my assignments n tests ALREADY !
finally . hahaha .
ok , i will briefly blog about my bday .

i spent my 1st hour at ahjon's place..


thank you charis ! for the bday song. ure awesome
and ahjon for ur craziness . =.=

later in the morning,
we went to inti, but no electricity ..
no electricity on my bday ..
holiday for me ! LoL Dancing Bannana

at night, went to gspot walk around after had our dinner in A&W..
n then inderawasih to meet Charis ow !

Jason , Jonathan , Charis , Me
chit chat in mcdonald..
thx again to Charis for coming out ..
i had a great night with u all .

okay thats all for now..
i will post more about it =) ..
more photos plz visit


10.50 am
saturday,february 21,2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a very tired day

...... assignments tests ~ assignments tests .....
ahhhh i want holiday !!!
recently lack of sleep
eyes cant really open,
just like 2 strings Lol

other than that my college life so far so good..
friends are really helpful..
u guys rock haha

to some ppl who like to make up stories n rumours,
ur plans really impressed me
from the beginning until now,
i was like an idiot fooled by you
不经一事 不长一智
i will take it as a lesson
stay quiet and try to be smarter next time
thats all what i can do now
hopefully problems can be solve
goodluck drama club

tuesday,february 10,2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009







thursday,february 05,2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

到底怎么了 ..?

im emotional
somebody help me


thursday,february 5,2009