Wednesday, April 22, 2009


car brake malfunction, steering locked
car rushed down from the hill
nearly say goodbye to everyone

bcos im stupid

second day of holiday
we always blame when our course starts,
then bored to the max during holidays .
what the =.=
maybe thats the way of being teenager.
hehs xD


chia yi
happy birthday !!!!

Lian Chia Yi =)

morning 9.30am
ahjon the deng deng morning called me

dim sum with a group of friends ^^

i want to sleep !
heheh xD

irene =))

last but not least
IntI uLtImate FrIsbee ChaIrman
champion Kang the jumper

tomorrow !
cy the keat keat will show u xD

had a great time in bukit jambul with two of YoU
reminds me of the past..


later at night
we're suppose to go weijun's bday coffee talk
but then
u guys know why so lets skip the damn part

anyway, we had fun ^^
in coffee island and
somewhere =P

realised something big
a lie ? or lies ?
its kind of sad actually
heartbroken and dissapointing

02.22 am

wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

what for ?

I don't know who to trust, no suprise
everyone is like so far away from me
heavy thoughts sift through dust
trying not to break the lies
but I'm so tired of this deceit
everytime I try to make myself get back up on my feet
all I ever think about is this
the tiring and time between
and how i try to put my trust in you
it just takes so much out of me
sorry.. but i won't trust myself with you
and i won't waste myself on you!

12.47 am
Sunday, April 19, 2009

well, exam is over !
gona enjoy my 2 weeks holiday ~~~
rockin' right now LoL

ytd night,
man-to-man talk with Bj my dude !
after that joined ahwitz and yc for movie ^^
Paul Blart Mall COP.
i non-stop laughing once the movie start until the end !
i like his bak bak loh!!
so jealous TT

today i woke up at 2.30PM
goodness ==
go to pcFair after wash up
ohhyaa n i met alot of friends !!!
i mean like those lost contact one
love the feeling
its freakin' awesome

at night joined my friends for movie again lol
* coming soon *
the chaba ( the ghost ) is......
make me shout @#$%^ !!!
like the irene's super duper funny reaction
chabas' going to get u lol!
no worries k stappy will protect u ^^

very sleepy d
ima stop here k

and!! not forgetting,
happy birthday to yeap ahsaix a.k.a saix Ji !
happy twenty minus one bday k ^^


03.32 pm
Saturday, April 18, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

come back !

had my first paper today..
having English paper tomorrow,
gona write essay essay and essaysssss
thats why im practicing here.

just checked through my photo album
really miss my friends so so much..
after final we should hang out ok
show u some pictures..

[ umm click to enlarge. LoL ]

My bRothers ! ( cc n cy ^^ )

Disted Prom Night ( with ahsaix )

with kerk wei

Mx's special decoration

the girls

siao kia LYK's birthday ( @ paradise beach )

chan ai min's birthday ( and the sausages she prepared for us ^^ )

my birthday ^^ ( thx Bj Yc Beh n Nmy )

Buffet in E&O hotel with Beh Bj Mx and Yc ( thank you Beh )

in E&O hotel with Bj my bestest Dude ever

and mR.Jonathan cce

new year BBq with my gang ^^

in egate Noodle Station

Egate Starbuck ( with jason zk ch sophia engchun buck2 jonathan )

new year Cho Tai Dee =P ( notice Bj's pakao . wtf ! )

photoshop with five of u

and not forgetting, gaming time with my dudes

memorable right.
sometimes we might quarel over little things,
but i hope our friendship last forever
i mean.. with no regrets

23.56 pm
Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

jump 2009 .

just back from dance .
so tired !!
but addicted. hahaha
i think im gona join dance crew.
(if i pass all my subjects LOL)

like usual, many things happened..
including those im afraid of.
finally happened.
should i sigh or .. ?
i have no idea..
shared with many ppl..
n thx to them, really cheer me up
try not to think so much,
as the night is still young .
heh ^^
special thx to my dudes lahh

like ahjon a.k.a the bubble

jason a.k.a the tasmanian / buttercup

sunzane tan a.k.a the dai bo leng blossom

benjoon a.k.a the coolninja boy

and many else. LoL

ahahaha. i guess u know why im calling some of them like that if u watch the powerpuff video we made.

tomorrow final d ah !!
thx for all the wishes k ^^
means alot to me..

gona do my final revision later,
ready for tomorrow

and, thank you..
我的精神支柱 =)

ps : not forgetting, tQ for ur "energy bar", i will bring it into exam hall 2moro

adios .

21.20 pm
Sunday,April 12,2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

to.. you

Its been a while..
a long one..
this post is to someone,
someone i really do care about..
you know who you're

when i blog, i share my feeling
and when i share, i write it with my heart...
i like it here ^^
u know,
i always hoping u to see this..
its strange for ppl like u n me,
two kind of different ppl
we met,
we talked,
we shared,
we angry,
we jealous,
we forgive,
we waited,
and we fall in love without any notices.

can u imagine?
for two different types of ppl?
the communication?
the understanding?
the telepathy?
shit right?

im not the romantic one
maybe thats what u always wanted for
i dont show my real feeling
its hard for u to endure ppl like me
i know that..
theres alot of stuff i wanted to tell u
i dont hope the last time we meet will end up like this.
in a better way at least?

i miss you badly .

23.41 pm
friday,April 10,2009