Sunday, January 24, 2010


share smtg about ytd night,
so i went to ahjon house,
i wonder why they so like to watch killer movie,
like.. friday 13, Saw I-Iv and so on
so disgusting lol
dont even wana think about the scene
for those who wana watch those movie free,
pls contact our movie supplier

and oh yeah i got my owl mask today. =p lucky !

goodluck to our jonathan jon for xxx.
k im off to do assignment
see ya .

25 Jan 2010
12.25 a.m

Monday, January 18, 2010

update blog !!


first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ! everyday 25 years old !!!

OH and finally i recover from the stupid chicken pox ! yeah!!!

assignments waiting me already !! college im coming !!!

ahjon chiayi weijian junxian everyone im coming !!!

2.12 A.M.